For a shamanic practitioner all things have a soul. In humans, if part of a soul has left, one can experience a loss of identity, purpose, physical/mental/emotional distress, and a lack of feeling complete in this current lifetime.

Soul loss happens through trauma experienced by the individual both in their current life and past lifetimes. When one is ready to have their soul part(s) retrieved, an intention to welcome these parts back and go through a healing with them is essential. Once you’re ready to let go of what no longer serves you, a shamanic practitioner will, with the guidance of their spirit guides and power animals, travel into the individual’s energy body to retrieve the soul part(s) that need to come back in order for the person to heal from the trauma they are dealing with in this current lifetime.

Soul retrieval is just one part of shamanism that can have a beautiful impact on a person’s life through its gentle integration of the returned soul part(s).

What to expect:

During our first session together, we will discuss what it is you came to see me for and talk about what is involved in a soul retrieval and what to expect. As with all shamanic work it is important that you feel comfortable about it and that we are able to work toward your highest good.

Once we are ready to go ahead with the  soul retrieval, another session is set up. Typically, a soul retrieval session is 1 to 2 hours long, this includes a quick check-in at the beginning and end with the client. As with the other shamanic work, I cannot specify what a client might experience during the session as a soul retrieval is a very personal thing.

I highly recommend that after the soul retrieval, you are able to go home and relax. Welcoming a soul back is a wonderful process and it is important that you have time to sit with the experience. As mentioned on the Shamanic page, writing down your experiences could be very helpful along the way as you continue with your journey.

I do like to follow up with the client about 1 week or so after the soul retrieval to see how they are doing.