Land and House Clearing

At some point in our lives, most of us have experienced “energies” of people who are nervous or relaxed, and even visited places, whether it was a home or woods and trails where the energy of the place felt good or “off”. Just like everything has a soul, everything has a vibrational energy body. Within that energy body, people, homes, and land carry energy of their own and what they’ve taken on from others.

House Clearings

Within a home, a history of different owners, family members, and personalities linger and it can give us that homey feeling or not. Energies in homes come from vibrations that people send out through thoughts, words, and actions. If there was a time where these vibrations were not positive they can manifest within the home, giving us that “off” feeling. Sometimes there are energies of people who have a hard time leaving this physical plane and choose to stick around within the home they’ve lived or found perfect to linger in. Diana will go into the home and bring these energies into the light to be healed and move on. Each room will be saged and cleared by Diana and, depending on the size of the house, could take between 1-3 hours.

Land Clearings

In today’s world we seldom think about the impact history has had on the Land we live on. Wars, de-forestation, pollution, and extinction of wild animals and rain forests leave a negative vibration that continues to be carried over with each generation. The Land has trouble flourishing with these type of energies and cannot heal as long as they are present. A shamanic practitioner can step onto the land, whether it’s a property with a house, a field, etc., and work with the Land to find healing and peace.

Diana journey’s to the Land first and then will do an in-person clearing alongside her spirit guides.