Is Shamanism Right For Me?

A healing journey of one’s self is a very personal experience. On one hand we are aware of what needs to be worked on and healed, on the other we may feel that something is off but not have a sense of what that might be so we open up to “anything could happen”. In this day and age we have many wonderful healing modalities available to us and all of them serve in different ways to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

Let’s take a look at how shamanism could help you on your journey of healing:

Letting go of what no longer serves you.

  • In shamanism we see physical, mental, and emotional distress as an energy that could block or manifests itself within the body and its surrounding energy field. For example, while we mentally know we are ready to move on from a certain trauma, somehow we never seem to be able to truly let it go. The trauma appears to come back in different shapes and forms although in our mind we’ve dealt with it. The healing and removal of that energy could help the person to truly move on from their experiences and find peace from it.

Seeking your true Self and Purpose

  • There are things in life we do on a daily basis to provide for ourselves and our loved ones. We do these things either on auto pilot or with a great sense of satisfaction. If you feel like the former and know that somehow you’re supposed to do something else that would have a greater impact on your life and this world but don’t know how to go about it, shamanism could help. Often times we loose ourselves in the craziness of life and we may experience soul loss where one’s full potential can’t be reached because we are not whole enough to see and feel our true self. To see where that soul loss has occurred and find healing from that could benefit your journey to a more fulfilled life as a human being doing what you love and love yourself in the process. Visit the Soulwork page to find out more about soul healing.

Compassion for Yourself

  • In today’s race for the bigger and better things in life we tend to think we need to be a certain way to reach our goals of a comfortable life, wealth, and status. It is easy to loose oneself in this so called “rat race” and push to the brink of mental and physical exhaustion. Fortunately, we are at a turning point that teaches us to be more gentle with ourselves through things such as yoga, healthy eating, and enjoying life through nature and nurture. Yet, daily things seem to impact our lives in ways that won’t allow us to step into this type of gentleness. These could be family matters that continue to be unresolved, work and health issues, addiction, mental barriers, and other personal struggles. In shamanism we look at what keeps one from being emotionally connected to oneself and use energy and soul work to reconnect a person to both their human and spiritual self.


If you’re still unsure if shamanism is right for you, please feel free to email Diana at or call at 978 325-9662.