Diana Whitten is a Gloucester, MA based shamanic practitioner who was initiated into the Unani tradition of shamanic healing by Ann Drake, a renowned shaman in the same town. What drew Diana to this practice was her own experience with this gentle yet effective healing art.

Diana immigrated from Germany to America at the age of 18. Though she knew that her heritage and upbringing had an impact on who she is, Diana never thought that ancestral elements such as war, depression, famine, and non-acceptance of different cultures could physically and mentally linger within her soul and spirit. As Diana received shamanic healing it became clear to her that for the first time in her life she understood what caused her ailments and how she could deal with them in an effective way.

With this new clarity of the impact our spirit, soul, karmic imprint, and dreambody have on our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health Diana also received her calling and purpose in life: being a shamanic practitioner who helps people find their own path and understanding of themselves.

Her healing work includes:

  • soul retrieval
  • extractions
  • shamanic journeying
  • vibrational energy work
  • spirit guide and power animal retrieval
  • house and land clearings

Please feel free to contact Diana via phone (978 325-9662) or email (whittendu@gmail.com) with any questions about her work. You can also visit the “Is Shamanism Right For Me” page to explore the potentials this healing modality might have for you and your healing journey.